Staff List

Executive Headteacher – Mr M Young

Head of School – Miss S Robinson

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs E Moses

Additional Class Teacher TA
Mrs J Vickers

(Assistant Head teacher – EYFS Lead)

F1 Miss V Carver

Mrs M Hardware

Mrs J Clayton


F2 Mrs L Ludlam Mrs K Parkin
Y1 Mrs S Pearson 0.5

Mrs K Earnshaw 0.5

Miss S Frost

Miss J Cahill

Y2 Mrs E Foster Mrs L Jeffries
Y3 Miss H Hadfield Mrs A Smith
Y4 Miss L Norris Mrs B McArdle
Y5 Miss E Griffiths Mrs R Saleem
Y6 Miss E Dallamore Mrs L Norman


Mr M Young, Miss S Robinson, Mrs E Moses, Mrs J Vickers, Mrs S Pearson, Mrs E Foster, Mrs P Hobson

Additional Support Staff:

Miss K Kirk – Business Manager (Operations)

Mrs P Hobson – Business Manager (Finance)

Mrs L Fitzgerald – Office Manager

Mrs K Chambers – Administrative Assistant

Mrs A Holland – Attendance Officer)

Mrs K Stevens – Head of Pastoral Care

Mr P Bradshaw – Site Manager

Mrs Barnes -SMSA

Miss Flintham- SMSA

Mrs Naz – SMSA