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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been carefully designed in terms of breadth, balance and relevance to allow children to learn through first hand, meaningful experiences.

Our core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Science are of great importance. Very often they are pursued in their own right, but we find that these skills can also be incorporated into other areas of the curriculum too. All of our classrooms are equipped with computers for children to use on a daily basis, they also have access to laptops, iPads and fizz books, this allows us to use Information Technology across the curriculum to enhance the learning process. We hope that a high degree of technological capability will enable children to flourish in this rapidly changing society and allow them to embrace the challenges of the 21st century.

All children take part in sport and games as part of the curriculum, this incorporates a wide range of physical activities such as dance, drama, games and swimming. The curriculum also includes History, Geography, Art and Design Technology. Our RE curriculum is based on a broadly Christian approach where children are encouraged to develop a caring and respectful view of other people and their beliefs. In Key Stage 2 children will also begin to study a modern foreign language where at Coleridge they will learn to speak Spanish.

Students will also develop musical skills through listening to music, singing and making their own percussion, and at Key Stage 2 they are given the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument.