Reading Strategies


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Reading Schemes

The following reading schemes are used across all Key Stages at Coleridge Primary School:

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Word Reading

At Coleridge Primary School, daily twenty minute phonics sessions are taught in F2 and Key Stage One. By the end of Year 1, it is our expectation that all children will have been taught the skills needed to enable them to read widely and with fluency and that they will use their blending and segmenting skills to help them tackle unfamiliar words.

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Individual Reading

Children in F1 and new to school are given a book bag on entry to school with a reading diary. All children have access to home reader books appropriate to their colour reading level which they change on a daily basis within their classroom. Reward schemes are set up in each classroom to encourage children to read for at least 5 minutes every night. This also forms part of the homework policy.



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Guided Reading

From Foundation Stage 2, children will have at least one class reading session each week. Children are grouped according to their reading ability and the text is carefully chosen to match their colour band and objective. These sessions are led by a teacher or teaching assistant. These sessions will be used to develop the children’s comprehension. Children have guided reading books to record their responses to the text, answer specific comprehension questions related to the text or to complete pre or post reading activities planned for by the class teacher.

Guided Reading will be used to:

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Independent Reading

Children will be given the opportunity to read independently in order to: