Staff List

Staff Roles and Responsibilities


Senior Management Team September 2020

Head Teacher/Data                                  Mr I Tankard

Deputy Head                                           Mrs J Shaw

English Lead                                            Mrs J Bowns

EYFS Lead                                                Miss A Warner

SENCo                                                     Mrs  S Ahmed

Classes September 2019

Additional Year Group Number Teacher TAs


Class 1 Miss V Carver Marie Hardware

Katie Parkin

Julie Clayton

Chloe Drummond

Class 2 Miss A Warner
Mrs L Norman (HLTA) Year 1


Class 3 Mrs Z Pell

Mrs K Earnshaw

Stacey Frost


Year 2 Class 4 Mrs J Bowns Laura Jefferies
Mrs B Mcardle


Year 3 Class 5


Miss H Hadfield Jade Cahill
Year 4 Class 6 Mrs E Mendies Alyson Smith

Brenda McArdle

Mrs S Liversidge (HLTA) Year 5


Class 7


Mrs E Griffiths Rizwana Saleem
Year 6


Class 8 Mrs J Shaw Sarah Liversidge

Lewis Hobson

Miss H Smith

Additional Support Staff:

Keeley Stevens (Head of Pastoral care, Attendance and safeguarding)

Admin Staff:

Paulette Hobson – Business Manager

Lisa Fitzgerald – Office Manager

Kirsten Chambers – Administrating assistant