Our Foundation Stage curriculum is designed to stimulate children and to support their inbuilt drive to play, explore and learn. When young children first come to school we encourage the idea that work is play and play is work.  Very young children who can’t read or write are able to express their ideas and feelings through playing, which enables them to discover new things about the world, develop new skills and build relationships with their peers.

Our Foundation Stage allows children to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills whilst learning to respect and care for one another. They will be introduced to many elements of the curriculum that they will explore further in Key Stage 1, including Literacy and Numeracy.

Key Stage 1

Year 1 builds on the curriculum that children have experienced in the Foundation Stage and allows them to ease into more formal teaching. It is at this point that your child will be introduced to the National Curriculum. We have a cross-curricular approach to the curriculum, which is brought to life through topic work, as well as teaching some subjects discreetly. In addition there will be occasions when individuals or groups of children will be encouraged to follow their own interests.

The key to successful learning is ensuring that whilst children are being taught key skills they are also enjoying a stimulating, exciting environment and are therefore keen to apply themselves to learning.

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 pupils follow the same broad and balanced curriculum which is enriched by more extra curricular activities. However, at this stage there is more concentration on the content element of the curriculum as well as maintaining and reinforcing the skills taught earlier.