School Priorities 2020-21

Priority 1 – To ensure all children close any gaps in learning due to Covid-19 closure through adaptation and differentiation of the current curriculum

Priority 2 – Ensure all pupils receive their entitlement to high quality provision across EYFS Develop programme of study to ensure a skills-based curriculum.

Priority 3 – Continue to develop high quality teaching and learning that impacts all children

Priority 4 – Subject aspect leaders are able to evidence impact in their subject area.

Priority 5 – Increase the attainment of phonics and reading at the end of KS1 and KS2.

Priority 6 – To ensure bullying, aggression, discrimination and derogatory language is rare and dealt with quickly and effectively.

Priority 7 – Continue to develop parental engagement.

Priority 8 – Continue to prioritise mental issues across the school community in light of Covid-19 pandemic.